Devon Supported Volunteering

Are you or do you know someone who needs extra support to get volunteering?
Would your organisation like to provide an opportunity & support someone into volunteering?

Devon Supported Volunteering helps vulnerable people aged 25-64 who live in Devon to participate in volunteering. They may be experiencing problems of physical disability, mental health issues, learning difficulties, social isolation or other difficulties. South Hams CVS will assist them to overcome these barriers, and will encourage and support them into volunteering with a local organisation. As a result, we hope they will have better chances in life. The benefits for the participants could include:

Building self-confidence and self-esteem leading to becoming less dependent on health and social care services

Learning to be in a team environment

Engaging in life in a positive way

Developing their CV

Building individual skills in chosen areas of interest

Be more healthy and active

Our Volunteering Support Officer will also work with your organisation to help you develop opportunities and support individuals coming to you through the project.

South Hams CVS delivers the Devon Supported Volunteering programme in partnership through Devon Voluntary Action.

Further information

For further information or help get in touch with us.
Contact: Kate Hewett, Volunteering Support Officer | Tel: 01803 862266 |